Going gold mining! And coms are going down.

in cannabis •  5 months ago

Super excited.

And with the drama? Well guess I'm just gonna shut things down.

@cannabis-news will be in charge of the @kind.network room and you should support him.


I'm feeling pretty hurt. Personally.

But again I can't control other people's actions.

I've always asked for others to help. Not myself. I've always given too much and cared too deeply and trusted too easily.

Seems like I need to close my circle of trust. It has felt to me like it's been violated by a few people that I have respected.

And I'm just going to be working on me. Sorry I'm going gold mining. Maybe that can work out. And I can have another option than stacking these blessed votes for one day far far in the future. You never know.

And I believe too much at times. I've believed in projects and gotten disillusioned with them. I've helped others and given those rewards away. When I maybe should have asked for them...

Then again? What help and inspiration have I done for the world?

The past couple days I've had people upset because I've cared.

Also had them upset because I would attack on demand. I won't. Ever. I'll protect you but not making every fight you have my own.

And dietary preference? Oh my god. I don't care what you eat. Just your interactions with me I feel like I'm dealing with a fanatic, or a rabid animal.

So there is just no winning the drama game.

I'm not going to force my views on them.

Anyways? Me and doggo are going to go.

Steeming hard? Yeah I'm not.

I'll just focus on. Me. Personally? I'm not interested in drama and popular opinion.

Oh my one highly respected teacher said this "you aren't really family until you been exiled at least once and invited back..."

Well not really feeling like being around others for a bit. Think dog and I should spend the day outside.

Oh leaving the phone.

Won't be answering discord until further notice.

Sorry guys. But unless I gave you my number? I'm going to be taking a break from social media.

Thanks and hope you are having a good day.

I know I'm changing things. And breaks are good.

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May the giant pay streaks be with you.