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RE: Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome(CHS) is Azadirachtin Poisoning (@tralawar's post reminded me to post this. Ty tralawar)

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Good Artical. The ones in charge will try to pollute the market with zombieweed from monsanto pretty soon. Only way to make sure is to grow it yourself. But that's not always allowed. Like where I live (the netherlands) it is forbidden.


Thank You

And you're correct. See my blog post about micro growing, it's how I started growing when it was illegal here. :)

I can't wait till I can grow my own legally over here. I had two female white widow plants 2 years ago that where beautiful but I don't want the hassle.

Check Out My Post on Micro Growing

and you may change your mind. :) You'll be amazed at how small a space you can have a grow in. :)

This wonderful plants doesn't need much , when it becomes legal over here then Jetz gets lose.

Excellent that you're reading up on it now. I imagine quite a few people will be glad for it, when it does become legal for you.

Be Awesome! :D

I will start making oil like a madman.

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