Florida Boxers and MMA Fighters Will No Longer Be Suspended For THC UsagesteemCreated with Sketch.

The Florida State Boxing Commission has decided to change their policy regarding athletes consuming cannabis-related products.

Earlier this week the commission has decided to completely remove 'Marijuana' from it's prohibited drug list. Previously, even small traces of THC could have a fighter suspended from fighting for a period of time, and in some cases fined while also having a victory overturned if they had won a previous fight while having cannabis related chemicals in their system.

The only pressure that fighters may get now is from another association known as the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) which puts a fine on any fighter who tests positive for marijuana while having a blood rating of 150 ng/ml worth of THC in their system, which has been changed due to the recent decision of the Florida State Boxing Commission. They stated that suspension is not recommended anymore for any amount of cannabis, and their main concern seems to be regarding fight night. They don't wish to suspend any fighter but instead deter them from arriving to fight while 'high'.

Other states such as Nevada and Texas still hold strict policies against fighters consuming cannabis products, however, with support from the UFC (Ultimate Fight Champion) and the deregulation of cannabis, they are likely to become more lenient as time passes and may change their policies altogether.

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