Our Cannabis Trim Room - This is How we Snip - Flow Purple Erkle

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Being in the trim room again feels much different than in years past. I do not know exactly what it is, but things seem to have a much more free flowing positive feel to them, and the people we have working with us seem to have their heads on strait, and are not making us wonder about them. People that we have let trim with us in the past have stolen from us in large amounts, and caused drama to the highest degrees. We also used to have people that would arrive late and leave early every day, and some who would only trim an ounce or less per day, which is unacceptable. Even a novice trimmer should be able to trim at least 75 grams in a day, even with our worst strain.


This is what the branches look like after they have been dried, but before they have been processed by us in any way. The above photo shows the branches before we have removed the fan leaves from the flowers. The strain we are currently working on is Flow Purple Erkle.


After we remove the fan leaves that contain little or no THC, we are then left with the flowers (buds) on the branches, and the sugar leaf still attached to them (which does contain amounts of THC). Photo of the partially processed cannabis branches with the fan leaves removed above.


Leaving the buds on the branches while trimming them will save you time, and ultimatley allow you to trim more wieght by the end of the day. Picking up and putting back down a branch a few times to trim each bud seperatley might not seem like that much extra time, but after doing hundreds, and then thousands of branches, that little bit of time for each branch really starts to add up. Pictured above is the flowers still on the branches after they have been trimmed of their sugar leaf.


All the trim (sugar leaf) and tiny nugglets are saved to be turned into THC concentrate later. We never mix any of the fan leaf in with the regular trim, since blasting trim mixed with fan leaf will contaminate your concentrate, and make it come out darker (more on the brown side, instead of the intended golden or tangerine colors). It is rare that I meet a cannabis enthusiast that does not like quality dabs/wax/shatter/crumble/concentrate.

The Finished Product

Nice trim job aye?


I absolutely love working with the divine plant medicine cannabis, especially since I get to do it with a close friend and my girlfriend. This job can be daunting and stressful at times, but knowing the goood I am putting out in the world makes me feel better on the harder days. Like every year, I just hope we are done trimming by Christmas, although we have yet to meet that deadline... there is a first time for everything though.


I will write more updates about our trimming experiences as the season moves along. Let me know if you ever have any questions about trimming or need advise.


Also my buddy decided to load my bong up with cannabis AND a joint simultaneously. I have never hit a joint this way - it was quite a unique experience.

Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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Good haul. They look like shishkibabs :) I like the candid pic of the budtrimmers at work!


Oh yea... hopefully we get done by Christmas for the first time ever!

Very cool post man. I’m an enthusiast but have never trimmed. Interesting to see behind the scenes 🤘😎


Thanks buddy, more to come in the near future!

Always love to see this process up close. Do you guys do the concentrates there or ship the sugar leaf elsewhere to do it? Thanks for sharing! 👍


There is a place where it is done legally - not at our farms or trim room.

Trimming is the only thing I hate about growing, but I guess if you had company it would be fun. I’ve never trimmed herb with a big group before, but this reminds me of when I used to strip tobacco and bake it up after it was cured. Great looking flower you got there btw!


Thanks buddy, trimming in groups is fun as long as everyone in the group is professional and laid back. Otherwise its a bunch of nonsense and babysitting lol, which is never fun. That PFE strain tastes phenomenal too btw... I love light dep.

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Awesome gif! Do you have an English version?

This is a good tip, never trimmed and left buds on stem, I'll have to try that.

Your buds looks soo sugary and amazing! Yum yum yum! Plants just love it when we surround them with intention and loving care. Oh yeah, I was number 222 again on the votes BAAAAA.


Thank you and yes that strain did very well. I look forward to growing it in the future also.