$3500 mechanical snout gives cops new tool to sniff out cannabis users

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In the ongoing struggle to "legalize" cannabis, which comes with harsher laws and punishments than when it was illegal, cops now have a smell amplifier called Nasal Ranger to detect tiny amounts of the plant at long distances.


This ridiculous waste of resources is yet another sign that "legalizing" cannabis was a mistake. What we wanted was to decriminalize.

As legalization spreads, so does harsher cannabis prohibition than ever before. More wasted resources than ever, more clogged courts than ever, more doors kicked in and dogs shot than ever, more police and government powers than ever, more peaceful gardeners in prison for a safe and beneficial plant than ever.


Profit from "legal" cannabis goes toward busting unlicensed growers, ripping healthy plants out of the ground because they don't have paperwork, shutting legitimate dispensaries that are each keeping hundreds of patients alive, and sending a peaceful culture scampering back into hiding. A tragedy of epic proportions - one of the worst crimes against humanity ever perpetuated.

Please, if you can help it, never buy legal. Know your grower. If possible, BE your grower. If you don't know how, stay tuned, I'll show you.




Snort Snort! We have an old friend that would really love this lol. I bet they'd love to stick it up our assholes. I'll make sure to hold in a big, stinky fart.

Seems like a joke!

lmao. I dont see many police using this aside from the mega dorks. But there will be a few. lol

Law enforcement/government can't make any money or keep it's citizens under their thumb if they decriminalize.

WTF better do one of these for REAL drugs. Damn idiots

Yeah... it is ridiculous how ridiculous it is!

you wanna be more ridiculous than germany or what is going on? :DD

What do you call a pig with a really long snout?
A warthog?