Strain Guide for Beginner Cannabis Growers

in cannabis •  5 months ago 


I put together a list containing 23 of the easiest cannabis strains me, my fam & friends have ever grown, both outdoors and indoors. If you're a beginner cannabis grower, or just want an easy strain to grow, check it out!


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Funny lemon sour Diesel is in there...

But not the ultimate mold and mildew resistant strain... Blue city Diesel!

Seen that survive mold that destroyed everything else...

Nice! Yeah a Diesel strain would be good in there I haven't tried Blue City Diesel but I had a NYC Diesel cut that did pretty good outdoors and yielded good too.

Blue City Diesel is amazing and one of my high favorite strains... Lsd is another really high up...

Well bcd lsd and NYCD were all ones I had when I started blogging my grow when I originally got here...

Then prices fell... Hard. Oh well.

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Yep prices here fell too I just hobby grow now for stash mostly. NYCD nice to see another grower who loves that one, it did well in the Hawaiian bush too I pulled a few pounds scattered in the grass fields one year and it came out better than most of the other clones side-by-side. The only thing is it did finish a little longer than the hashy strains, but the yield made up for it. Will have to try BCD next, I love another blueberry hybrid Blue Hash or Hashberry does well in the rainy season.

Funny I read that list... Yep yep yep nope yep yep nope yep...

Except for the autos... I'm rabidly opposed to autos...

Major reason that we grew for THC all these centuries? That's the real power of the medicine... Cbd is a pale shadow.

If I can watch it cure cancer patients and for them to survive? Let alone people with other issues? Huge!

Time to change the world...

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Yeah haha hey I'm glad I got at least a few yeps. The autos I put on the bottom for a reason.... they are suitable for some growers who really need to be in and out quick, and certainly have popular demand so I can't leave them out but the photoperiod strains are really the best to grow imo.

Oh you got a ton of yeps... And then I saw the lsd... Nice!

And I don't begrudge anyone growing autos out of need... But not much need for over priced can't clone it at all...

I love perpetually growing... I get room in flower cause I chopped a plant? They all move up. No down time. Pretty efficient but no days off when it's banging..

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Exactly, once you get cloning it really gets really easy to cycle and always be pulling dank ...Right on followed :)

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