Keeping The Community Safe From An 81-year-old Granny With A Pot Plant

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In recent news, Massachusetts state police decided to spend a number of considerable resources on confiscating just one plant from an 81-year-old elderly person who suffers with arthritis pain. Margaret Holcomb had a single cannabis plant growing in her garden and to deal with the situation of just one plant, the state sent:

a helicopter, several vehicles and a handful of troopers

Over an elderly woman with arthritis, this is the amount of man power and resources that was wasted trying to keep her from using a plant peacefully in the comfort of her own home. She said that because of the difficulty of finding a doctor who would sign off on her using cannabis as a treatment for her illness, she said that she hadn't yet obtained a license for herself that would make her act of ingesting the plant a "legal" one.

You would think that this would be the type of effort that would be deployed for scenarios of forest fires, bank robberies, or some other very dangerous event.... and not just for a simple plant growing in the garden of an 81-year-old woman. Were there no crimes that day for those troopers to focus on that were actually violent crimes? Are there no child prostitution rings going on at the moment? No fraud, assault, or harassment being committed?

Spending this amount of attention and effort on fighting a plant would be a lot more humorous if it wasn't so dangerous in that it prevents people from having a comfortable and pain-free standard of living. The state and all those involved in this raid, would rather see this 81-year-old woman live in pain and suffer, rather than allow her to make the decision of putting what she wants into her own body and using a plant to medicate herself. There's no heroism in this, only disgrace.

Are her neighbors really feeling safer now that the renegade pot-growing grandma has been stopped?



I feel sorry for her but she made a beginner's mistake. She didn't give the cut to the local thugs.

Bad joke aside - this only shows how deeply controlled are our lives. Marijuana is illegal for one reason only - big pharma wants it so.

Geez. Just legalize it already.

The amount of resources spent on just one stupid plant is mind boggling. See this is exactly why I don't pay taxes.

Of course the neighbors are safer now!

From government raids.

Typical state behavior; I've had dozens of guv'mnt thugs show up at my door twice to deliver pieces of paper that could have simply been mailed...

It's all about intimidation, control, and terrorizing the neighbors...

Was this story pushed into the media to display the reach or willingness of government to control who they want without boundaries?

Whew! I know I feel safer now!!

Thank you for sharing this. I feel so much safer now.

Ganja Grannies. Sounds like a new, cool thread for Steemit. I'm so glad I live in a legal state.

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