Cannabis Approved To Treat More Than 20 Different Conditions

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Cannabis has recently been approved as a medical treatment for anxiety disorders and Tourette syndrome in Pennsylvania, which makes the list of conditions that can access cannabis for medicinal treatment purposes more than 20.

In Pennsylvania their medical cannabis program includes other qualifying conditions like cancer, crohn's disease, epilepsy, glaucoma, Huntington's, IBD, Multiple Sclerosis, Opioid Use Disorder, Autism, Parkinson's, PTSD, and others.

This change in Pennsylvania will become effective on July 20th of this year.

Health officials have said that the change came after careful review of the medical literature that's available on the topic, about how cannabis might be used to help treat these conditions.

Cannabis is still illegal for recreational use in the region, though small amounts of cannabis have been decriminalized in a number of cities.

Right now it's estimated that there are over 160,000 patients in the region, and over 1,000 physicians who are willing to prescribe medical cannabis to their patients, that they can access through the state-approved program.

Though cannabis might still be illegal in the eyes of the federal government, it has already been approved for legalization in more than 20 states. It's been a long road but it's blossomed now into a multi-billion dollar market, with many hoping that sooner or later authorities will stop prioritizing victimless "drug crimes" and focus their talents on more important endeavors that can help foster community safety, rather than contribute to the deterioration of it.

The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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Incredible news. The World is finally waking up.

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