Are Cannabis Users Less Likely To Work Hard?

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I have many friends and relatives who are non-cannabis smokers and I also have quite a few friends who are cannabis-smokers as well; many of which have been engaged in smoking the plant for half a decade or more.

One of the frequent complaints that you will hear from the anti-cannabis crowd is that this plant makes people lazy and stupid, I have heard this many times before.

And a new study out this week is looking to confirm that misconception, insinuating that cannabis smokers are less likely to work hard for money.

The study only looked at 17 occasional cannabis users who were given a vapor that contained the drug and also a vapour that contained a placebo. After they were given one of the two, participants were then given a choice of carrying out a relatively easy task for a certain amount of money.

The participants in the study had the choice of either tapping the space-bar on a computer keyboard at least 30 times in seven seconds, or they had the option to do the same thing but they were required to tap it 100 times in 21 seconds. The easy task paid out less than the more difficult task and it was found that the cannabis smokers were less likely to choose the one that required more effort.

So because a group of 17 smokers didn't want to push a space bar too many times, we should assume then that all cannabis smokers are lazy people who have no work ethic? I think that'd be rather shortsighted.

Out of the many people who I have come across in my life travels, many of the ones who I consider to be the hardest working and the most intelligent just so happen to be the ones that also smoke cannabis.

Maybe it's just a coincidence.


An excuse, used over time, to vilify smokers of the "plant".

they never stop!

What a ridiculous study....Seriously!

I used cannabis habitually throughout this entire transformation of gaining 100lbs of lean muscle mass:

isnt it tho!?? lol smh

thanks for the post!

Tapping the spacebar is all very fine,
But I can show you a better time.

And perhaps they didn't tap the #$%^& spacebar because they had a bit more sense.

My observation: Pot makes you stupid.
I don't consider this to be a bad thing.
Less competent competition for those of us who don't.
Therefore I approve of you smoking pot. Go ahead.

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