Polar Bears Turning Brown - Brown Creatures Forced to Go Along With White Classism

in cannabis •  3 months ago 

God help us, we are letting the polar bears turn brown ;) ..while forcing the brown creatures to go along with white classist behavior.

We are no longer Canadian, Quebecois nor subjects of the British Crown. We resemble more an annex of bigotsville USA. A classist, racist society which even those being discriminated against will subject themselves to out of fear for reprisals of the law which is in the hands of those who do not question the motives of the establishment they serve.

Discrimination takes many forms, racism, classism and ageism. Some discriminate against those who are ill, elderly or addicted. Many abuse of their own family members for choosing natural medicine over synthetics and invasive surgery.

Those who are not lethargic enough to give in to surgery and synthetics will apply EVERY healthy alternative available. They will even commit to exercise rather than rely on pills and more destructive methods of treatment. They will also choose preventative measures before late diagnosis.

How is it the better method is still an issue for our legal establishment? .. regulations set forth by The United States Food and Drug Administration which are upheld by law and The many Colleges of Medical Doctors which operate in their jurisdiction.

Many will forfeit their lives expecting the doctor to solve medical issues for them. Instead of being responsible for their own recovery, lean on the doc. That solves the problem of lethargic discriminatory minds with little effort. They will do themselves in, being as unprepared and inconsiderate toward themselves as they are to their neighbors. Problem solved, it is a sad way to go though.

When a person is capable of informing their mind allowing better judgment and study of ethics ..the world can be a dark place. Fortunately, the same person has the necessary preparation to solve problems and know the solutions.

The application of solutions would require a majority of persons with a similar understanding.

This is why we wait while many die of cancer without better treatment solutions. Those who are holding on to discrimination are the first to die of worse treatment methods. At least they will not be able to accuse me of not pleading with them to consider the scientific confirmations which they choose to ignore.

I eat cannabis flower each day and lately I have access to non-psychoactive extract (guinea pig for testing effect of sobriety). I have not inhaled any cannabis products for two months in preparation for court. I like to keep my mind as sharp as possible, that means no chlorophyll. I could have the relaxing effect of inhalation, some pressure keeps me preparing my mind. When I come back from court I can unwind, the problem is having a lower tolerance requires small amounts.


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