Monsanto Marijuana Takeover: Bayer Monasanto Buying Hydroponics Companies Now

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Most people in the cannabis community know the Monsanto controlled pesticide and fertilizer company Scotts Miracle Gro has been genetically modifying cannabis, as well as patenting strains, but few are aware SMG is now buying out some of the biggest names in hydroponics, grow lighting, and plant nutrients. Their CEO as even expressed wishes to completely buy out the cannabis industry. Monsanto and Scotts Miracle Gro are also closely associated with GW Pharmaceuticals, the UK-based company that grows cannabis, and turns the compounds into pharmaceutical medicines like Sativex. There is no question about it, the Monsanto monster is rearing it's poisonous tentacles towards the cannabis industry, one of the last bastions of wholesome natural medicine. This is the same beast that introduced humanity to memorable products such as heroin, and agent orange, and destroyed our food source with pesticide resistant GMO crops. What could go wrong? Here are a few of the companies Hawthorne, the Scott's Miracle Gro front company, has bought out over the last year.

GH is one of the largest, and oldest nutrient companies out there. Growers around the world have relied on on those famous pink and green bottles for successful harvests for over 40 years. General Hydroponics created the standard that's expected by farmers growing medical cannabis when looking for nutrients. They helped build a foundational nutrient regiment that innovators expand upon today. It's usually the first nutrient recommended to growers new to hydroponics. It was the first line that many of us ever used, it's sad to see them swallowed by the beast.

Gavata is a newer company, but they have made a huge impact on the horticulture industry since their introduction. In 2010 they released the first 240V double ended HPS light. Since then, double ended fixtures have been released by every manufacturer and have become the industry standard. This one hits me hard because I've used NOTHING but gavita's for 3 years now. They are incredibly reliable, and have served me well. I'm switching to Growers Choice CMH lamps soon. Not only because of the buyout, but because these new CMH lamps are freakin dope. Bye Bye Gavita.

Of course, they got another big one. Botanicare. This one also hits home because it was a company created here in Az by the owner of the very first Hydro store I shopped at. Sea of Green Hydro was where I bought my first light, so knowing the owners company was growing year by year always put a smile on my face. I have used their coco coir line for well over a year now because I liked supporting them, and because their facility is here in Az so I could always rely on fresh coco. I'm friends with several of their current and former employees, they tell me they have seen little to no changes since Botanicare was sold to Hawthorne, but the fact that the money is funneling back to SMG and Monsanto is gonna keep me from purchasing their products anymore.

I would encourage the cannabis community to spread this information. I know most of us want nothing to do with pesticide, and pharmaceutical companies. We pride ourselves in being a natural, renewable source of medicine, and companies this are the enemies of nature. They have produced chemicals and compounds that have poisoned the population, and destroyed our farmlands and ecosystems. Stay infromed. I personally will not be supporting any of these companies, or any others in the cannabis industry that want to associate with them. It's a sad day, I'm turning off my Gavita's, and ripping that bontanicare sticker off my guitar case.


Stay medicated steemit

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They also purchased a company that supplies Fox Farm with some of its components. Their clear intention to control the future of the cannabis industry should be very alarming to anyone who cares about their health. I have been watching them creeping in for a couple years now.
G Edward Griffin wrote a book about cancer and the evils of IGFarben Pharmaceutical company who I believe morphed into what would become Monsanto. This powerful arm of the global power structure has been killing people by the millions for centuries and now they are coming for our weed!

Ahh i love G. Edward Griffen! The only book of his I've read is The Creature from Jekyll Island though. If he wrote about IG Farben then I definitely need to check it out.

God damnit, I'm glad to find you here! @choosefreedom G. Edward Griffen is great by the way!

Screw Monsanto and GMOs! We should band together and start an ICO for an organic seed bank for weed!

VERY good idea! I would be a part of that co-op. I have been concerned about this very issue for several years. The way Monsanto intentionally cross pollinatinates crops with their patented strains and then sues the unsuspecting farmer out of business for growing their seeds is only one of the tactics they will use in the takeover.
I also suspect that they will come up with a very strong strain ( imagine the first 50% THC) which everyone will want to grow. Beware of who makes your seeds already.

Each hundredth or thousandth of a token would represent a seed? The scarcer the non-GMO weed becomes, the more valuable the organic non-GMO seed. Each token can be cashed in for a seed?

Also start a legal Cali breeding company where the company is for profit. Each token could also be part of a profit share. If we released 100million coins for instance. The founders/advisors may keep 20 million to ensure our profits and then however many was owned by the purchasers of the ICO would give them access to the profit share. So if you owned 1 million out of the 100 million coins you would get 1 percent of the breeding company's profit.

I could implement all of that into a smart contract, but holding an successful ICO would take numerous more contributions/advisors/programmers. I am also affluent in internet marketing/SEO/PPC/CPC so if we could get some real interest, this could get interesting! :)

Wow! The amazing things blockchain can do. That is a fantastic concept! My expertise is in growing cannabis. I have avoided computers as much as possible throughout my life,to my detriment, but would love to be a part of such a worthwhile project. I have some great stains and could definitely produce seeds and work in a breeding program. I would also of course invest. I will spread this idea as far as I can. Please keep me informed of any progress and I will do the same. I will follow you.

Great idea but the law isn't on your side. An ICO in the US requires SEC registration and registering anything with the federal government that is cannabis related will swiftly bring down regulations and possible RICO charges against you. This is why there are attorneys, like us, who are here to help you be safe.

Gotta keep weed decentralized. Only way to keep it medicinal. The majority of weed available in legal rec stores is not medicinal. Full of pesticides & strong chemical fertilizers. There was better medicine available before the legalization of recreational cannabis. There will be big money lobbying to disallow home medicine growth. Have to keep fighting for the right to be healthy with harmless plants.

I absolutely agree 100%! We will continue to push for complete deregulation. I will only be satisfied when I can grow and sell marijuana like basil or tomatoes. Let the free market decide if my product is quality.

People should store natural strain seeds just in case this evil company does something stupid, fuck cornsanto (They put corn into everything)...

Yeah I've got quite the collection of seeds myself :)

I just decided to follow you because of this post. I too am against Monsanto and Scotts and the others that are poisoning our food and water. Great post maybe I can upvote your future posts. Too late to upvote this one.

Thanks for the support!

Great info bro. Thank you very much for sharing.

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