The Potential Benefits of a-pinene

in cannabis •  8 months ago

Most commonly found in connifer and pine trees(not suprisingly), but also present in our favorite budding plants ;) a-pinene my personal favorite terpene. Why do I enjoy pinene so much? I find straigns high in pinene tend to be more "uplifting" or "inspiring", I like to spend alot of time day dreaming about things and pinene seems to bring out the creativity.

Strains commonly containing large ammounts of pinene are:

  • OGkush
  • GorillaGlue
  • Jack Herer
  • TrainWreck
  • BubbaKush

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interesting analysis, would love to try and explore all the strains


You can order terpenes off amazon, I wouldnt reccomend smoking them unless you know the vendor has a pristine lab grade(and food grade) product and you understand how small of doses are needed.

How ever, simply smelling terpenes causes effects, Smelling a rag with a little bit of pinene for a few moments produces a almost euphoria like sensation that I find invigerating and motivating. Limmonene has been show to boost your mood / immune system just by smelling it.


thanks for filling me in, will have to try that, hope the week's going well


Thanks for filling me
In, will have to try that, hope
The week's going well

                 - pdtrain

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


yep that's what i commented

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!