Heart Doobie

in #cannabis2 months ago

Hey everyone, how novel is this idea? I have always loved cannabis I truly believe this plant is the cure to the worlds problems, it just takes everyone to realize it.


From a food to clothing perspective, housing to energy creation, medicine and more, it truly is the one plant that can solve many problems.


As an ode to this humble but great plant, I decided to grow a few cannabis bonsai tree's and shape them like hearts and so I did!


Simply cut the main stem which then propagated two main stems, I let them grow out a little, cut the side leaves and with wire started shaping them.


As far as shaping bonsai its generally a slow arduous task however since this incredible plant grows with such speed and haste and is very supple, very nice to shape, fast and generally issue free, I plan to make the inner heart as bushy as possible and then cut all the leaves outside the heart off.



Here we have my other 2 plants outside in the garden that I have just left to do what nature does. Pretty hey?


Nature the incredible!

I trust you have an amazing Wednesday!

Love and light, be blessed.

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