Perpetual Indoor/Outdoor Grow Journal #43: Tent Gals

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Another week's passed and the gals have grown a bit more. They're all happy and in High Brix Territory. It's just a few days till the flip now.

Dosi-D (Elev8 Seeds) is the smallest of my plants, cause she was popped later than the other ones, but she'll be flipped in the same time. Fortunately, I have more seeds in case she becomes something special.


Honeysuckle is the least vigorous one. She's been growing very slowly, but after I fimmed her at least I got a nice, compact bush with multiple tops. She's also very tight and leafy, so I prune her on a regular basis. Minor bleaching on some leaves is due to my COB's spectrum.


And here comes Pink Sherbert (GSC cross), which is a very pretty gal in my book. She loves the COB, which keeps her nice and tight, but she has those long, fat leaves, which make for a quite dense canopy. In fact, even after I performed some LST to open up the center, she started covering it back, so I had to pluck more fan leaves to expose the secondary bud sites.


Red Diesel (Barney's Farm) has been the leader sine the day 1. She's extremely vigorous, loves my soil, and has a great structure with multiple secondary bud sites, which started popping up everywhere once I got her through LST.

She had a bit of problem with COB in the beginning, so I moved her under GROWant LED, and she's like new. I didn't even have to do much pruning with her. She's a low maintenance kind of plant, and can be definitely grown by a noob.


Tent looks like that ATM. You can easily say which side has the white light and which has the purple one.


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Hey @conradino23!

Great looking plants you have going there. I see you're really rocking the GSC lineages. How does Pink Sherbert compare to Dosi-D?

You really have the topping / FIMing down to a science on those plants. Nice even canopy developing. You are a machine! Making all of that look so easy.

Also great photos too. Enjoying watching the you post the grow progress.

Happy growing!!!

Great to see you again, man!

In terms what comes out of them in the end I can't say, cause I grow all of these for the 1st time... and the seeds were gifted to me by my buddy from Oregon. They are from various little seed banks though, so it's hard to actually say anything until you have this bud in your pipe :)

But I definitely like this Pink Sherbert although it's a bit too dense for my taste. And yeah fimming for sure let me spread her a bit more, but in general she's very tight and has a minimal stretch, so LST can only do so much. I've been improving these training techniques for years indeed and I'm proud, that FIM comes out perfectly now. I used to grow bonsai cannabis via LST in the past too, so I'm good at keeping even canopy. Very similar to scrog, but no need to screen at all with my method :)

I look forward to seeing more. I haven't gotten to growing GSC or it's crosses and phenotypes yet. But I've heard pretty good reports for both indoor and outdoor growers.

I mean it looks super dense, but just also so symmetrical. That isn't always so easy to come to.

We made it to that level our first grow, where the plants were so dense and even a screen wasn't needed.
Here's to growing those stout and sturdy little ladies.

Che stain é? Bel giardino pulito e ordinato :) grande!

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