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in cannabis •  6 months ago

Here's some of the highlights as far as bad opinions expressed here are concerned:

New York state has medical usage that should be sufficient to meet most all medical needs.

That's an opinion, and everyone's entitled to one, but you don't get to decide what's best for everyone's medical needs. Nor should the government.

Legislation of recreational usage opens the door to numerous problems associated with allowing an additional (alcohol, nicotine) drug (THC) into the hands of potential abusers or underage individuals.

People already smoke weed. Many of them. Like many many many many. Because it's been illegal so long, there's a huge black market for it. Black markets don't have to worry about legal age limits.

Also who is going to accept responsibility for the first or more deaths or injuries from intoxicated drivers?

Again, people are already smoking weed. You shouldn't be worried about them. You should be worried about the alarming number of people staring at their idiot boxes (the term once used for televisions but now more fitting for our "smart" phones) while they're driving down the road. They're a million times more distracted than someone who may have smoked weed at some point before getting behind the wheel.

I'm not advocating for intoxicating driving; I'm just saying that cannabis being legal isn't going to end up in stoned mayhem on the highway. People need to get these irrational fears out of their heads.

You know goddamn well many of the people on the road in a lot of places late at night have been drinking. Look around you the next time you're out to eat or at at event. Everyone's drinking! Often in excess. Are you also an advocate for the prohibition of alcohol? Because if you are, you're definitely a moron.

Read the whole bullshit opinion piece at the source.


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