Toke Back with the Weekly Recap #12

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Welcome Back to the Weekly Recap

Hello again and thanks for visiting our weekly recap. We have some ideas floating around about a cannabis radio station hosted on our discord server. For more information or to join in on the manefesting of this audio feed please come check us out here.


Now back to the Recap!

Dialing in a shape for my production bongs

@borofreak is fine tuning a few aspects to set this bong into production for national distribution.

Bubba's Gift Grow Journal 9/7/18

@cultivar brings us on a long awaited garden update. In this edition we get to see the outdoor bubba flowers start to densen up.


@simplisick puts together an amazing review on KURVANA ASCEND vape cartrridges. A must see!

Celebrating my 1st Steemiversary! (best of DRutter year one)

@drutter celebrates his one year anniversary on steemit in this post with some great highlights of his cannabis activism over the year.

The decentralized seed bank - preserving cannabiodiversity

This video shows how we can order and review clones and seeds through @strainly which is a decentralized seedbank.

Canna-Curate School of Cannabis Cultivation: Mid Flowering

@conradino23 is back with this weeks edition of the @canna-curate school of Cannabis where he goes over the mid-flower period.

Morons Will be Morons: Nike "Boycott" [Dabbing with a Mage episode 164]

@alchemage always has great insight and vision. Check out his Dabbing With a Mage videos!

Say Hi To My Big Outdoor Plant

@ceattlestretch outdoor looking very nice!! Anybody who is not familiar with mr. stretch, go give him a follow!! His indoor grow is one of the best on the blockchain!!

Marijuana Use In Married Couples Reduces Likelihood Of Domestic Abuse

@massmedicinals goes over an article published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors in 2014 and gives some of their thoughts on the subject.

Heare and there

@billmega has some beast's in his garden. He cannot even come close to reaching the top of his monster plants!

Canna Por Vida!!

@canna-curate is here to stay even with prices down we are here to help the new comers and give that little extra incentive to our community members.

Tangerine Dream wax - Oregon Recreational Cannabis

@rawpride has some dabs here you can almost smell though your screen.

How to Properly Harvest Cannabis - Video/Photos/Explaination + ELAmental Update

@ELAmental brings another top notch post of how to properly harvest your cannabis garden.

Cannabis News and Politics Banner Contest

Come help us spread the word for @cannabis-news' banner contest with a minimum prize of 10 steem.

29 #Ulog: Morning Glory - Stumble Around With Me Before My 2nd Coffee

@lyndsaybowes has some fantastic pictures to accompany this garden update of hers. Including some amazing bees and kittens frolicking in natures glory.

My banner design for Canna Curate Guild!

@erune wins the Canna-Curate Steem Monsters banner contest with his entry in this post.

Flowers and Trichomes, Oh My! - 2018 Legal Marijuana Grow - Episode 9

Here you can checkout one of the only strains that grows pink/purple pistols in @carlgnash's latest grow episodes!


Written by: @bluntsmasha
With curation text contributions by: @Jonyoudyer & @ArtisticScreech
Photos by: @bluntsmasha


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Fantastic issue @canna-curate!
The diversity of the posts are out standing!


It was a slow week too!! @bluntsmasha is doing a hell of a job writhing these recaps too. Loving the progress. Next goal is to stop people from using the term Marijauna!! Its amazing seeing all the people use the tag.

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So this is wheres its at


yes and we are giving out upvotes once a day. Since you have no steem power to delegate, all you have to do is go to and sign up for the canna-curate curation trail. Set your vp at about 20% so you dont burn out. But when you get set up, you will receive a 15% upvote from canna, along with the other accounts on the trail. We are here to grow all canna steemians, and its going great so far.

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Thank you very much for include me in this dynamic and so cool group! thanks!

Wow... so beautiful.

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