Here's Another Article About How Excited People Are About Legal Weed

And how they just need politicians to save them. It's somewhat true, I suppose, if not ridiculous and sad. We shouldn't need these clowns to give us permission to do what we're already doing and have been doing for longer than they've been elected officials, in many cases.

Truth be told, I'm tired of seeing these stories. If politicians aren't hip to the fact that their constituents want freedom to consume cannabis by now, then they're about as dense as people can get. That's not the case... they're just waiting until the time is "right." Well, the time is never right until you make it right.

This particular version of this article cites a Quinnipiac poll of citizens of California. I'm more interested in what people in, say, Kansas are thinking about cannabis in 2019 than California, to be honest. Not surprising, a lot of the people polled in California said they couldn't afford to live there.

Polls show that support for pot is higher than ever — now it’s up to politicians to respond to what the masses are clamoring for.

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