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Some Home grown 10% CBD 1% THC Hemp for crypto anxiety

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For the crypto anxiety!! Love it


You have any homegrown roaches?



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Had to look up what Jack Herer is, I had no idea. I just tried cannabis twice I didn't like it much, just made me sleepy.

that strong sativa - girl scout cookie

My last bit before I gotta make another run.

"Who cares what it's called Dante', I just want a bag of weed"

Blood Orange Kush 1g PREroll.


After a long day work, you deserve it!!

Dabbing some terpy and potent random mystery hybrid.

Funny you ask....... my trusty vaporizer.. strawberry/milkman flavor......yummy!



That's peculiar sounding?

Got a nice bag of Alpha Cookies right now.
Jack Herer would have me bouncing off the damn walls all day ;)

Great, I suppose. I do not know about the subject, but someday I'll experience it

I have a suggestion my fellow cannabis lover. You might love this or you might not:

What you smokin on nigga, what you smokin on?
What you smokin on bitch, what you smokin on?
I get so.......high
And fall off in the sky?

Jack Herer, nice! Bit of everything myself ;)

Blue Dream...

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Jack Herer is one of my favorite smokes, hopefully soon ill grow it in my closet. Maybe cross it with my Steem og. Jack Steem?

John Player

personal fav: Durban Poison ...second Cherry Pie

I don't smoke at all because I'm broke, fucking broke

Smoking is too harmful for our health. So....

I live in Aceh Indonesia, in Aceh I have quality marijuana, and I started to enjoy marijuana since 2000, and marijuana really makes me imagination every day

ım gonna try this

Whatever I find....... oh neato! A nice, oily roach on the ground and it hasn't been rained upon yet. I am saved, @berniesanders! :p

Silver haze from amsterdam (bought in coffeeshop bulldog), barely smoke anything else!
I like myself some lemon haze every once in a while, but usually I prefer silver haze.

A 1 pound joint

By The Way I Don't Smoke.

I know I am not supposed to reply to you (per our agreement) but this made my fingers itch more than the Spice Girls post. Jack Herer is LIFE. I am smoking some now, and it's LIFE. Having chronic pain and cPTSD, Jack is my man for life. Unless they're out and then we're sad and smoke other shit.

Smoking is not good for health and environment.


Driving cars, warming your home and modern farming is also bad for health and environment should we stop those things too? And while we are at is so using a computer/laptop or mobile devices, let's stop those things too.


Haha! Sooooo true.. puff, puff............ pass!


So you eat your weed?


edibles yummmmm


This is my opinion. I am not advising you. You think that what you do.


"Smoking is not good for health and environment."

I will smoke to that !