Rolex with Diamonds next to steem Logo with Eternal Cartridges from Harbor Collective San Diego. Ca

in cannabis •  11 months ago


Here is a Gold rolex with Diamonds next to Steem Logo and Eternal Cartridges from Harbor Collective


Just trying to represent the steem brand, posted it on instagram and tried to use @steepshot but the app is not currently working :)


Hope you enjoyed! Ill poat more pics from my adventures in the morning!

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I think the logo will be beautiful.

Seems you are really cashing out on steemit buddy... having real fun over there

Great publicity of steem, your are creating a viral steem awereness in Instagram and other social networks, I think you need to become a steem ambassador @ackza

really thank you sir......

eagerly waiting for steem logo......resteem

Profits from the move in EOS ?? @ackza

Big man!! That looks like weed tho, lol