Fan bearing & i creamed myself twice

in #canna-curatelast year (edited)

So the new inline fan i got about 78 days ago started making noises yesterday???, sounds like a bearing as i took it down and had a good look inside and there is nothing broken on the inside :/


Apart from being connected to the carbon filter i also use this as a way of extracting hot air out of the tent, so i kinda need it to work and be quiet-ish, after buying the above one i was reading where someone said the plastic fans are even quieter!

I asked the company about the noise output and they had no clue so i went ahead a brought one which should be here in a couple of days, i will send the other one back and they can fix or replace.


Creamed twice :/

I got the 4-week update from my mate of the sweet cream auto that has shown lighting growth over the past 28 days - here is the sweet cream on left @ 28 days :)


i have started to germinate two sweet cream seeds as i want to see this growth for myself :)

All pictures and fans needing work are mine

BLAZE ON @dr-autoflower


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