She was over 30 and finally found her own happiness, and she called her husband great!

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She was over 30 and finally found her own happiness, and she called her husband great!
Recently, Aoi Soraemihiro announced the marriage, and called her husband good, great. Many netizens have left a message to express their blessing to Sora Aoi and give a great favor to this good man.
Sora Aoi, a lot of people are familiar with, a lot of netizens call her "teacher of the sky". This time, "micro-blog teacher" has announced her marriage in a high-profile way. Therefore, she attaches great importance to her husband. In micro-blog, he said, "he can accept my old job", and mentioned that he had no regrets for his previous work. Therefore, "Cang teacher" is very bold and honest.
About Sora Aoi's husband, a lot of netizens talk about it, and he is a good man with a broad mind and worthy of praise. Many netizens fans micro-blog bless them!
Many people on the Internet call Sora Aoi "teacher of the sun". I think it should be Sora Aoi's excellent Chinese ability since she entered the Chinese entertainment circle.
Sora Aoi broke the news that when she first came to China, because of her poor Chinese, she would only say "hello", "Hello everyone", and then found a Chinese expression that could ignite the atmosphere of the scene. For example, "how are you?" "Hello?" said Sora Aoi tried this greeting. So a lot of netizens think that she has a talent for language!
In recent years, Sora Aoi has appeared frequently in the Chinese entertainment industry. It can be said that her arrival has caused the hot discussion of the netizens as well as the innumerable powder.
About Sora Aoi's talent is also reflected in its excellent calligraphy, the calligraphy is vigorous and forceful, bold and generous. Once to the tennis champion Li Na inscription, wish her to refueling!
Sora Aoi's calligraphy can be said to be a teacher level, with professional friends evaluating Sora Aoi's calligraphy, Juan show and generous, there is a kind of temperament inside.
Today's Sora Aoi has been married, hope that in the future of the two people can be happy forever, happy every day!


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