And our finally Jelly Bean Celebratory Post is a Tale from CANDYLAND and the Beans uses.

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In candyland Jelly beans do a lot more than just provide a sweet little treat as they are actual beans in a sense and can grow into bean trees and bushes and shrubbery of all sorts depending on the flavor. Like the fruits they are flavored as, whatever the bean is will grow to produce more jelly beans of those exact flavors. The scientists of candyland have helped to genetically engineer mixtures of these flavors of any kind and since they are designed to grow fast, you need not to wait for months on end but rather just add some of the magical sugar they provide at the bean shoppes and you will have jelly beans to eat with in one week!!! It was an amazing thing to see the science of candyland at work as I knew they were magic users using the magic of sugar and candy but they also have a vibrant school of sciences which provides breakthroughs in the world of candy science!!!!

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