Candela Coin - Decentralized Solar Energy And A Peer-To-Peer Energy Transfer Protocol

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Candela is an innovative new project that decentralizes solar energy and builds the software that uses blockchain technology. Candela coin is the token that allows the traded or investors that hold it to be a part of the Grand floor Phase of decentralized solar energy with a blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy transfer platform.

Solar Energy Transfer Protocol

The energy system's trading is evolving towards a better-decentralized model that accommodates competitive energy resources and energy storage systems. The massive number of modern financial Infrastructures are centralized and make sure the involvement of trusted third parties. The third-party will handle the accounts and provide the payment processes along with a security perspective.

Generally, the centralized trading system still has some drawbacks, whereas the decentralized trading system possesses a single failure from the gatekeepers. The decentralized solar energy system is based on a powerful idea of managing and improving the quality service. For the more, the third party involvement is no longer necessary in the decentralized blockchain system. The whole process will run automatically, and the energy will transfer after the minor proof of the world, and in the end, the prosumer will get its reward.

Candela Coin Concept

Candela coin is a token in decentralized solar energy based on the peer to peer energy transfer protocol. People worldwide will now be able to transfer their solar power to others throughout the community by using their Candela coin as a medium of exchange.

As the Condela concept is based on the blockchain peer-to-peer transfer, the users will have access to buy, sell, or store their solar energy. The users will allow their energy to be more accessible and sustainable as well for the whole Global decentralized community. This phenomenon's main objective is to decentralize the overall consumption transfer and solar energy production.

Candela coin will remove the need for massive monopolies or third-party instructions that can overtake the price and supply of power on which the whole phenomena rely.

Digitization is all here to add the energy from several industries as lots of technologies, including network, sensor, computing, and communication technology, can make it possible to drive the decentralization of the electric grid and energy.


Tokenization is the phenomenon that refers to the placement of the real-world physical assets, including commodities, or real estate, onto the blockchain. This kind of process will benefit the fractional privilege of support, whether physical assets or non-divisible assets, with the elimination of several overheads middlemen, cost correlated with these initiatives.

These tokens are the digital representation of real tradable assets, which are similar in many ways to the traditional passes of securitization with the modern curve. There are several benefits that the tokenization provides for both investors and sellers. The token economy offers a more efficient and decent financial world by reducing friction.

Tokenization provides much faster and cheaper transactions with the smart contracts; the software and systems that are integrated into a blockchain, based on the predefined parameters.

It has a more transparency level and is capable of having the token holders' right and legal responsibilities along with an Inflexible record of ownership.

Most importantly, tokenization could open up many e ways of investment in assets to a much wider audience.

Therefore, the concept of tokenization will also play a significant role in the security of the exchanging process of grid edge data throughout.

So that the user or device can safely open up the electric power market, well, peer-to-peer exchange of energy is basically upon its uses.

Blockchain Methodology

A recent development in blockchain technology is powering a new paradigm centered around decentralization and disintermediation. Blockchain technology can eliminate the need for intermediation in the financial transaction as it can facilitate peer-to-peer transactions through distributed trust and decentralized platforms. Blockchain technology can substantially increase the scope and efficiency of peer-to-peer transactions, which, in turn, provides a very feasible business model.

A blockchain is a permissionless platform from which anybody can participate in substantiating the blockchain. It is usually more decentralized than a permission one.

Blockchain technology can reduce transaction costs; it can generate distributed trust and empower the decentralized platforms. It is potentially becoming a new foundation for decentralized Business models. By implementing blockchain technology, decentralized financial services can broaden their financial inclusions and facilitate open access to create new opportunities for traders or investors.

With distributed trust and decentralized platforms enabled by the blockchain technology, the traders or investors have recognized the possibilities of creating an open financial system that has limited or no involvement from financial institutions. In short, it is free from any gatekeeper or third party interruptions.

The utilizing blockchain method into decentralized power and energy is not a new concept. However, there are always a lot of attempts to begin to take the challenge of the Democratic Nation and decentralization of energy. So why is the candle appoint useful for a decentralized finance family?

What Makes The Candela Coin Different?

Generally, the Candela coin's fundamental goal is to design a single point transaction that makes the buying and selling and storing of energy easy for the users. Lots of attempts have been made before the candela coin concept to bridge the gap.

These have held some flowers like lack of liquidity multi-token system or even inviting the third party to invade the technology.

Candela coin democratizes and decentralizes the energy for all of its users worldwide, which is not dependent upon any gatekeeper or large monopolies. They claim to tie the whole decentralized nation within the current infrastructure to corporate. They are offering innovative hardware Technologies that allow the users to receive and store energy. Within that, they can have a single point transaction to ensure the buying and selling process.

Candela provides the open-source ecosystem that will enable the users to engage in all possible ways for their users. Candela coins can allow users who are not prosumers to add liquidity to the energy market. It makes the candela coin unique throughout the decentralized finance Marketplace.


Candela Coin PreSale is Live and it will remain open till 12 Oct 2020. You can Buy CLA tokens with Bitcoin,Ethereum,Tron and USD. CLA tokens are ERC20 tokens. CLA token are sent to your ERC20 wallet within 12 hours of payment.

For more detail and purchase follow the Presale page:
1 CLA =  $0.0297

1 ETH = 12,419 CLA tokens

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