Canada Day is Coming, Did you Bring your Doughnut?

in canada-day •  8 months ago

July 1st is Canada's 151st Birthday and of course we party.

This year Canada is celebrating with sexy flag doughnuts.

At a buck sixty who could say no to such sweet temptations. I resisted for a few days but I gave in and said "I'll just walk it off". I discovered I am heavier now than ever in my life, I guessed so when my summer clothes from last year stopped fitting.

It really was sweetness overload. Delicious in every way, if you've got s sweet tooth. The firm icing flag to the soft dough deep fried and then injected with strawberry jam, the tooth fairy will be impressed.

It was perfection for breakfast. Let's not make this a daily routine. Haha. Or the 3 pounds I lost in past week will be undone. I can only walk so much each day.

Well with views like this, wandering is a whole lot easier.

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Wishing you a happy Canada Day and lots of walking in the weeks that follow! It makes me feel happier about the whole US debacle to know that Canada is quietly doing its thing and restoring some balance. Have a donut for me, cos the donuts in Thailand are just awful. :)


Haha. Yea us up in Canada are living life as usual and shocked/embarrassed at USA today.

I will eat a donut for you, maybe two. I know, as a Canadian, donuts are not as delicious as abroad. Lol.

I just heard the tooth fairy was calling me...and saw this lovely Canada day doughnut. Doughnuts are also one of my favorites. I can eat one or two right now! or everyday lol =)
You deserve all the sweetness you can have. We can't blame it to the sweets, you know some clothes shrink in time, that's why it won't fit anymore =) So enjoy all the sweets you like! Drink plenty of water, daily exercise and always keep the good vibes. =)

Oh btw, love that photo with the sun rays bursting through the clouds.

Wishing you all the sweetest Canada day ever! 🎇🎉🎊🎆🌌🍩


Yea, my clothes from last summer shrank. Haha. So i need new ones. Bigger. And i am also exercising more in Toronto by walking more, pretty much everywhere i go is on foot. Lost 3 pounds since I got back.

What your favourite donut?


Oh, I love all donuts especially with jam or cream filling. Best ones I had here are donuts from Dunkin and J.Co. Donuts are perfect for tea or coffee. =)

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