Camwhores Bypass That's Working in 2018

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Camwhores Bypass That's Working in 2018

Hello. For the past 30 or so days I've been working on working bypass for private videos on Camwhores. It wasn't an easy job because Camwhores website has lots of security features that make hard to create such a tool. But first, let me give some pieces of information for people that aren't familiar with Camwhores.

Camwhores is an adult website that storages thousands of thousands of recorded cam shows from all over the world. Anyone can register there and anyone can upload a video. It is without any doubts the most popular in this niche. You can find their lots of rare videos that people are seeking on the web. The problem with this website is that most of the uploaded videos are set as "private". That means that you have to be friends with the person that has uploaded a video that you want to watch. Different people have different rules to get accepted as their friend. Some of them don't accept anyone. That means you won't be able to watch videos that they have uploaded.

For the past several month's people were trying to create a working Camwhores bypass that would allow people to download private Camwhores videos without even being registered as a member on the website. Some of these tools were working for a couple of days or weeks but Camwhores administrators were successfully finding the loopholes in their codes and fix them. In past months no one could bypass the site security features and create a working Camwhores bypass. It intrigued me and I started to create my own bypass for as I'm a coder and I like challenges.

It took me almost 2 weeks to create a working bypass that has a success rate of 99% (the are some issues with the old videos that I can't solve). It is a most simple online tool that you've ever seen. The only thing you have to do is enter private video URL from that you want to download. As for now, our site doesn't support watching videos in the browser as it would extremely slow down our bypasser website and we don't want it. At the moment the Camwhores bypass is completely free but it doesn't mean that it will be still free in the future - it may be or may be not it depends on the costs that we'll have to cover.

This bypass has only one feature - download private videos from Camwhores. I truly don't know how long it is gonna work so download as much videos as you can.

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