Wild Camping in a Bivvy - (Blog Series)

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Wild Camping in a Bivvy

I wrote a set of three steem blogs about wild camping. (see below for links)

More specifically they are actually about camping in a Bivvy which is essentially a waterproof light-weight sack.

There are simple Bivvy's that look like bin-bags, and more luxurious Gortex designed ones that give you a bit of room for your gear and guarantee breathability.

I have done a lot of camping in them, under bushes, on top of mountains, in the desert, in the forest, even in someones orchard beside the motorway. The Bivvy is ideal for wild camping because you can just bed down where you like and its light to carry.

The article series can be found listed below, and its best to check them out in order...

Happy Camping !!!!

1. The Way of the Bivvy

2. First Night in a Bivvy

3. Camping Kit List

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