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Just a quick note to announce that both @elfspice and @l0k1 will no longer be used to post, vote, or anything. @calibrae is my new account, and I am only concerning myself with the business of the Calibrae project from now on.


what happened, buddy? Why did your accounts get killed?

Because I'm not cheerleading anymore for an operation that is in the midst of a slow-motion trainwreck, that is plagued by super-powered trolls, and that is impossible to develop for unless you have over $400/month to waste on an RPC node.

The platform is rapidly centralising and as a developer, that means I'm on the outside, and this puts the lie to everything Steem claims about what they are doing. It's antisocial, it is not a way for the poor to get a chance to move up, and it is rewarding people who should be smooshed into the ground for the evil, antisocial and, in my opinion, by any reasonable definition, criminal behaviour they engage in.

@elfspice Smart hourly management, the days are flying swiftly, I look forward to the testing phase, cheers.

@elfspice this is not good - 10 Aug 2017 most of all #calibrae posts and ALL of @calibrae posts are flagged.
This gave me a stress headache, when someone posts details of what is happening share the link. for today I am logging out to leave the stress behind.

Me too....!

looking forward to your coming adventures in this new phase ;) keep on keeping on!

Keep us posted on the status of Calibrae. (As @calibrae of course)

It sounds very intriguing.

cant wait to see Calibrae traded on Bittrex !