ITC Progress Update 18/8/2018–24/8/2018

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Main Chain

[Done] Voting Contract
· Add authorize and deauthorize scheme
· Refactor consensus, validator, difficulty and beneficiary

[Done] Consensus: Implement Random-Beacon
· Simulate node group
· Simulate block proposal

[Done] Wallet
· Add loading, toast components
· Fix startup blank screen issue
· Fix swipe back navigation bar issue

[Wip] Wallet: Add chain switch function

Light Nodes

Bluetooth Mesh Network (based on cc2650 and cc2540)
· [Done] Connection from the device to the app
· [Wip] Connection between main device and app

Research on IOT Chips and Protocols
· [Done] NB-IoT and LoRa chip Study
· [Wip] MQTT and CoAP Study



Number of token holders19495+0.24%
Number of transactions52124+0.96%

(Data source:



Chinese communityNumber%
WeChat & QQ7178-0.84%
Overseas communityNumber%


IoT Chain Mid-Year Review (Chinese Community)

On 18 Aug 2018, the IoT Chain team held an online mid-year review for the Chinese community. IoT Chain co-founder Lyu Xinhao provided updates on the team’s technical progress, current technology implementation, and future planning for the Chinese community.

IoT Chain Live AMA

On 21 Aug 2018, the IoT Chain team held an online AMA (Ask Me Anything) to answer questions put forward from various community members.

Chinese Valentine’s Day (Chinese Community)

You can select the sweetest declaration of love, and the winner will earn ITC tokens (RMB 1314) for their honeymoon!

Work with the ITC Team (Chinese Community)

The IoT Chain team wants to get to know who the ITC community really is, and what better way to do that than to spend the working day together?! This is an amazing opportunity for 2 lucky community members to be invited to our Shanghai office to collaborate with the ITC team for the day!

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