Help byteball get listed on binance - Vote for it

in byteball •  5 months ago

You might know that binance has organised coin of the month contest in which you can vote for your favourite coin and help it get listed on binance. I made a post regarding this a couple of days ago which can be checked on my blog.
Byteball is one of the nominated coins competing with other 4 coins. Currently byteball has only around 8% votes and there is still some time left to vote.
More than 80k steemians participated in byteball airdrop but only a few voted for it.
There is still some time left to vote for it, please follow the below procedure and help byteball get listed on binance:

  • Go to
  • Sign in to your account
  • Tick byteball and click on vote
  • 0.1 bnb coins will be deducted from your account for casting one vote.

You will receive the following pop-up message :

Please consider voting for byteball.

If you haven't claimed your byteball airdrop yet, follow the below link:

See the explanation of byteball airdrop here

Use smartsteem to sell and buy upvotes.


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good topic,
Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Saya sudah pernah masuk ke byteball

I have long since joined byteball @syedumair