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Byteball Javascript library

Community members Fabien and Sekhmet submitted this pre-proposal for a Byteball javascript library grant. The proposal has been very well received so far from other community members.

In simple terms, the proposed library would be like web3.js for Ethereum, which enables other projects to be created on top of it, like the popular Metamask browser extension.

For example, this would mean users could send/receive private messages or interact with the Sports Betting Bot through their web browser.

Please provide feedback on this Slack thread. If you aren’t on our Slack yet please sign up here.

Steem attestors surpass 61,000

More than 61,000 Steem users have now connected their username to their Byteball wallet. That is an increase of around 3,000 on last week.

IoTVerse grant approved

The IoTVerse grant application made some weeks ago has been approved. You can see the status of grants here.

BIoT update

Milestone 3 of the BIoT project (Byteball Internet of Things) has been completed.

Developers might find the Github links of the update of interest.

You may have noticed that IoT cryptocurrency has been in the news recently, and not with positive news. However, IoT projects being built on Byteball are progressing as planned and enjoying the use of smart contracts and oracles already implemented..

New LuckyBytes ticket giving feature

You can now give multiple LuckyBytes lottery tickets at once to other users (reminder - LuckyBytes is the provably fair lottery that you can play from inside your Byteball wallet).

Before you could only give single tickets of 1 Megabyte at a time. However, 1 Megabyte has a current value of around $0.08, so a single ticket wasn't much of a gift! But now you can send as many as you want.

You can now send X tickets to Y Player with this command:

give X Y

So to send 100 lottery tickets to ZarkMuckerbarn type the following below into the LuckyBytes and press send:

give 100 ZarkMuckerbarn

ZarkMuckerbarn is the username of a player inside LuckyBytes, and active contributor to the Byteball cause, so feel free to test the feature by sending him a few tickets.

Sports Betting Bot statistics

Some interesting statistics were published on the Byteball Sports Betting Bot:

Active user numbers were below 60 in May and are now closer to 200
Chinese is currently the 4th most popular language (we have a feeling this number will rise soon)
Baseball is the most common sport currently, but the major basketball, football and soccer leagues are in the off season)
June and July were very profitable for market makers since many favorite teams were eliminated from the World Cup early.

If you missed betting on FIFA World Cup because you were not aware of the Sports Betting Bot at that time fear not. Currently there are many other soccer matches available from UEFA Champions League, Brazil Série A, Netherlands Eredivisie, English Premier League and France Ligue 1.

Just open BB Odds and pick the team you think is going to win.

Would you love to see Byteball become a major platform in the crypto world?

Then please give this article some Steem love!

Thank you

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