Yeay we've got our free Byteballs! now what..

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Perhaps I'm late to the party, but i believe we all need to talk about the elephant in the room. Almost 3 weeks ago, an airdrop program suddenly took the Steemit community by storm seemingly out of nowhere. The Steem/Byteball program got almost 53,000+ people (as of writing) from steem to install the Byteball wallet on their device and try out the app. Seeing as the average daily active user of Steemit is somewhere near 60k+ users, it's safe to say almost everyone online has got themselves some byteball airdrop.

So in case you're the Slowpoke around here, HEY GET YOUR FREE BYTEBALL FROM THE STEEM/BYTEBALL AIRDROP PROGRAM! once you've downloaded the app follow the instruction here in my earlier post.

I wager this made alot of people's day. Some were happy that they suddenly got their hands of large wads of cryptocash, some were surprised that their reputation suddenly became so valuable, some were impressed that a cryptocurrency steem's reputation plugin as a means of bootstrapping their userbase, which is smart because people on Steemit are already all about earning free tokens.

And then what?

I don't know about the rest of you. But I've still holding on the 0.6 Gigabytes that I got from literally proving I own my account and then teaching others to do the same. From the comment threads and chat logs I explored, many of us made some good money off the airdrop. No judgment on that, you're free to do whatever you want with your coins. Though for me, Byteball successful got me interested enough; with first the ka-ching-ching, and then later what I experienced on the byteball wallet app.

0.6 liquid Gb is quite the load of "free money" (as of the time of writing it's at around $53). I could have cashed it in and delete the wallet. Doesn't matter if it goes to powering up my account or spend it on a nice dinner.

Or I could have hold on to it. Byteball foundation has made a smart thing where half of the bounty is stored in a smart contract where we can only access those funds after a year's time (75% for refferal rewards). It's a 2-pronged approach where number 1, users are incentivised to stay invested to Byteball for at least a year; and number 2, gets user to learn about Byteball's smart contract feature.

This is where it piqued my interest. To me, Byteball has made smart contract seem user friendly and easy to learn and build.

While some are happy to get some chump change, I am happy that stumbled on Byteball (or rather; Byteball strategically got to me). I personally feel that there is more to Byteball and they really got something going. And I don't know if it worths Byteball to fork out $53 to "buy" my interest.

More than signing up

Those that signed up have contributed to Byteball's ability to boast they have adopted 53,000+ new users in the span of days. That is what we as a community have given to Byteball. But can we do more? should we do more? Is it our obligation to know more about what gave the tokens we got our hands on the value it has? Perhaps I think differently from most people.

There is so much more ways we can support Byteball to give back the value we've received. For example, other than @byteball, you can follow them on, Twitter and even on Reddit and perhaps drop them a comment on the posts they post there.

And since you would have at least 50% Byteball on hold in smart contracts (I have 1.4 Gb that I can't touch until next year), maybe learn about smart contracts made possible with Byteball! Did you know that Byteball right now already has a flight delay insurance feature? It's simple as making a payment and key in the flight which you want insured. Smart Contract guys! Insurance with no salesman or lawyer needed!

From Official Byteball tweet here.

This, along with many other functions, is but the tip of the iceberg to what Byteball can do.. and as cryptocurrency enthusiasts ourselves, I really think we should look more into in. Market price be damned, there is much value to the technology here.

Steemit Byteball rush 2019

It'd be funny when we start seeing posts about people who kept their byteball wallet eventually got the other half of the coins unlocked, would the coins worth more? less? time will tell. But lol it's going to be the talk of the town (or discord server) all over again I hope. Secure your private keys guys, and keep the wallet seed offline too. it's literally 12 simple english words, keep them together with your personal legal documents if that's the most secure place.

As a community, we've shown our value as a userbase adoption source to any sorts of cryptocurrency projects. Byteball has did something unprecendented (I think) where a Steemian's reputation is literally valuable and is now priced. Do we worth the price? Are we actually valuable as a user adoption source? those who call themselves "crypto-enthusiast" in the bio, are you really all about it? what have you done with your Byteball?

Short Term vs Long Term gain

I hope we don't muck this up. Do well, prove our value as a group of highly motivated individuals ready to try new techs (Steemit is literally in the realms of high-tech, think about it, get paid to post posts we already post online?) And hopefully we become targets to other projects and who knows, more airdrops.

If even 1% of Steemians who got their byteballs become fans on the tech, Byteball has gained 500+ new members who are known to be ferocious in content creation and advocation. Think of that, I'd like to see us Steemians as a different bunch. And what happens following this airdrop will either prove that or prove me wrong.


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byteballs was something that happened very fast, at first I did not understand it and distrusted, after a few days I downloaded it and created my wallet, here in Venezuela, everyone was crazy changing byteballs to local currency because as you know it is very difficult save I had to do it since since my car was stolen I had to do a lot of expenses to repair it and the byteballs helped me at that moment


what the heck, your car got stolen? that's intense and i'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure byteball is a godsend for the venezuala steemian community. Don't delete your wallet, since the other half of your sign up bonus is locked in a smart contract for a year you can sell them again when the time comes.

Have you told your byteball story as a Venezualian? the Byteball community needs to hear this. And who knows help will come in the form of more cryptocurreny!


yup, a month ago my car was stolen and it appeared without the tires and without other parts

I have not told my byteball story yet, I must thank you for the suggestion

Good article!
A precision I would like to add: seeds are not enough to restore smart-contract, you need to have made a full-backup after the smart-contract was created.
I strongly recommend to create multidevice wallet, you can add it to your current device while keeping the wallet you already have. This way data from further smart-contracts will be replicated between several devices and you will be safe if you lose one device and don't have up-to-date backup.
Multidevice wallet is a great Byteball feature for security, try it!
Here is a tutorial made by a steemian:


Thanks for the add on! I should get that done asap.