B&W Photo Contest ~ Shadows - Entry#3 - Grandma in her Sun Hat

in bwphotocontest •  2 years ago  (edited)


Grandma at May Day celebration wearing her best sun hat.

Nikon CoolPix S9900


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Excellent portrait, the contrast is just perfect for a black and white photo!

Thank you so much!!

You're cloned! 😳

:) Thanks!!! Yay!!! Always wanted 2 of me.. LOL

upvoted and followed you if you like cuteaniamals please follow me

I just did.. Thank you! Nice to meet you here.

Such a great shot of her

Thanks @tattoodjay. I love this challenge. I wish I had more shadow pics but will be looking more closely from now on.

Yes I had forgot about this and I don't think I have any shadow photos I can think of

Come on @tattoodjay you must have at least one of your amazing photos to share. I always enjoy your photos. : )

I forget to check last night will look through my folders :)

It's somehow scary, such as in an old b&W hitchcock movie. But really good @trulafountaine! Thanks for the share!

I see what you mean @holgerwerner. I also see a little sadness in her eyes. Thanks for your comment and support.

Wow! I love the composition of your photo, especially how Grandma's face looks with the sunlight showing through the open mesh areas of her hat. Awesome B&W capture! @trulafountaine UPV & RSD 💯

Thanks. @ninahaskin. I appreciate your comment. It was a special moment.