Marina Bay Sands Mall Interior - Singapore - Entry #2 Black and White Photo bwphotocontest

in bwphotocontest •  11 months ago


I've revisited the editing on this image - adding a bit of a 'glamour glow' - slight blurring to soften all of the hard lines which I hope helps to accentuate the curving metal and glass that dominate the scene. Yes, this type of effect isn't just good for portraits - use this type of blur to change the mood of most any black and white architectural image.

I find it rather ironic how man goes to such great lengths to imitate the curves so easily achieved in nature.

#bwphotocontest #photography #art #bw #singapore

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Nice one. I will definitely visit the place. Also nicely taken. Great Work.


Yes it's definitely a beautiful city and quite diverse as well. Thank you @angelshare


I will definitely visit the place.

Good subject matter for monochrome.

Really nice work!

Excellent photo!

very interesting! Nice work!

well done

Haha just caught up on some of yours recently.
Your's the inside and mine the outside for this same #bwphotocontest. :-)


I'll check it out!


Thanks for coming by. :-)