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RE: B&W Photo Contest Winners ~ Theme ~ Animals

in #bwphotocontest5 years ago

I feel humbled to receive my first ever 1st place prize amongst all these other amazing entries, especially on the theme of animals which I absolutely love! Thank you @daveks and @papa-pepper for running a BW contest of such high caliber on a weekly basis, and @jamtaylor for judging what must have been a very difficult one! Congratulations to all the winners! 🎉 🎊


Well done my friend!

Well, congratulations for the winning my friend. And to all others.

I hope will have a chance to shoot wildlife more and who knows maybe sea life sometime.

Until now i've been only to some bears reservation with canon team and was so beautiful.

I saw the contest in the last minute and couldn't find the bears in time, hehe so...

Love to see photography being here on steemit.

Cheers again

Also thanks to the host and the ones who support it.

Thank you @ilvstranger! Looking forward to seeing your entries in the next one!

Who knows when i will see it with that unfortunate messy life i have.

But, till next time,


Well deserved, kuenok! Outstanding image!

Thanks @sea-otter! Very much appreciated!

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