BWPhotoContest by @daveks - my first entry - Life - Barefoot dancing on the field

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Good evening dear Steemies! This is my first entry for Black and White Photographic Contest initiated by @daveks.
Life can be hard and can be joyful! I photographed a dance therapee excersize, ran by Ildiko Csajagi (in sunglasses), who have had an awful autoimmune desease (doctors said it was incurable) before she changed her life style and fully recovered in a miraculous way. She became a life-style therapist, and her method is called JoyLife. (

This picture was taken in 2014, with my Olympus E-410, and edited in RawTherapee.

#BWPhotocontest by @daveks

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Love this wonderful image @kalemandra and I really enjoyed reading about how Ildiko is making the most of life after recovering from a chronic illness. This post is so uplifting.

She is a wonderful woman!

Very inspirational indeed. 🌺

Nice pictures and seems it's really having a good moment.

I like your post, read it with pleasure, thank you very much for the post dear friend. I support you and follow you

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