Flashy Silhouette "B&W Photo Contest"

in bwphotocontest •  2 months ago

In the dark of night the sky lights up with flashes of lightning, giving us this dramatic reflective scene of Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek in Sedona Arizona USA.

"Flashy Silhouette"

silouette black and white 7x10.jpg

The next image is of the west fork of Oak Creek located in Oak Creek canyon, Sedona.

"West Fork"

west fork 7x9 bw.jpg

And finally the black and white version of yesterdays image.

"The Mirror"

creek reflection 7x5 bw.jpg

These three images are being entered in daveks bw photo contest themed "reflections" and were shot on film using a Pentax 6x7-2 medium format camera.

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Wow those are great i so like B&W photos


It's nice to hear you like the pic's, thanks!


It's fun trying a little different spin on things. Thanks a lot!

The light reflection in black and white photos are really amazing. I appreciate your beautiful creativity my friend.


Yes it stands out in a different way, which is nice my friend.

great and very nice photography 651651.GIF56456515.GIF63265326.GIF


Beautiful pictures!


irvinesimages photography
i just use the photo lab programe



I love color photos!
And warm weather.


Thanks again, I think you must live to far north and winter is coming soon. Stay warm!

these photos are really gorgeous


That's so nice to hear, thank you!

"Flashy Silhouette" is the best


I have to agree with you on that choice, thanks!

First I thought it was an image of a scottish castle ruin ;) - I like the Flashy Silhouette most @irvinesimages.


I think i see what your saying, because I feel a sense of mystique when I look at it. Thanks for that!


You're welcome @irvinesimages, it was my pleasure to be here.

Great monochrome shots bare all about choosing with care images that will most compliment the genre and I think you have chosen really well. Good luck in the competition.


i enjoy the challenge of competing as well as making the choices. Thanks for your viewpoint and support.

Hello @irvinesimages, I consider that the three photos are of contest, you chose very well.
Yesterday's photo of the mirror in black and white, I like even in these colors.


Hello Martha, I'm glad you like the photos, thanks for your opinion and greetings to you!

Wow man , amazing images! Best of luck in the competition:) I’m sure you have a winner there, you deserve it for sure!


Thanks for the encouragement. It's always nice to win but I really enjoy the competition, playing the game.

The first image is great! Resteemed!


That's good to hear' thanks a lot!

Awesome selection of black and white images! That's a neat West Fork one as well by the way. And the Dry Creek reflection one is really cool in black and white too! They are all awesome though. Good luck in the contest!