B&W Photo Contest Winners ~ Theme ~ Urban Motion

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Theme: Urban Motion

Thanks to @sulev for Guest Judging this week’s Contest!

and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that participated!


“Judging the B&W Photo Contest has been a joy and pain as there are so many great entries, but having to choose some over others is always tough. I liked how varied the entries were. Everyone seems to have their own unique take on the theme which is refreshing to say the least. Looking at the pictures has also given me a little more confidence in my photography, as I saw images and ideas I tend to shoot too. I also discovered new ideas, which I can’t wait to try out myself some time. Judging has been fun and I hope to do it again one day. Thanks for the opportunity!”



1st Place ~ @boddhisattva



2nd Place ~ @mnallica



3rd Place ~ @finance2nomad



Honourable Mentions















Congratulations to All Winners!


New Theme Announcement coming Soon!



Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos for @daveks!

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Thanks to @sulev for the first place! I'm so happy! :-)
Thanks to @daveks for this contest!
My congratulations to all winners!

Thank you very much, @daveks and @sulev, I'm honoured! Congratulations to the winners!

OMG! I think I can be proud of myself, honourable mention in my first week on Steemit :D



Good job! Beautifully done :)

Thank you guys for mentioning me. Congratulations to all participants there was a lot of great entries. Keep on with your awesome contests!

thanks for the mention

woww this is so cool, it fits them so the winner of the contest.

A very creative idea, the child swings the swing into a unique black and white idea to display @daveks

Congrats...for the winners..!.

Congrate to the winner's..

wonderful photography...
resteemit done dear

Congratulation to all winner!! 😊

congratzz to the position holders of the contests :)

WOW !! It might be tough to choose I agree but all the pix you chose are fabulous!!!

Brilliant work by the photographers👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 And by you also @daveks !!


Congrats to all the winners.
Thx to @daveks for holding this contest and to @sulev for judging.

woww😯. this is so cool, it fits them so the winner of the contest.

photography is very beautiful. i really like.

Great pics ! congratulations to all the winners , they were awesome !!✌👍👍👍📷📷📷📷

Great work... congratulations to the winners!

Wish I'd seenthis contest, one of my favourite things to convey through photography in the city streets.