B&W Photocontest ~ Plants ~ A Big Tree With The Eternal Hug

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This is my 2nd Entry for #bwphotocontest with new theme Plants



This is a picture of the roots from a tree wooden bear witness to the history of the struggle of the people of Aceh when Japan imposed a system of forced labor with the named code romusha

According to historians, this tree is beginning his deliberately planted beside the halls but without the slightest European so that one day, supporting stones are arranged neatly on the edge.

Profile Picture :
-camera iPhone 5
-Editing with noir b&w on gallery iPhone
-picture location at Weh island, Sabang, Aceh, #indonesia
-taken by @bewe

Thanks very much for @daveks to hosting this contest always. And with this contest I will always learn and more learning how to be a good once here. And @papa-pepper with sponsoring this contest. I hope you still here with us and many contest others.

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