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Babys like to explore the world with their mouths. They put everything in their mouths. In fact, this is very unsanitary, but there is no good way to stop them, but if you let go, your baby will eat a lot of bacteria, which is very unfavorable. health.
So I bought a baby's pacifier very early. I don't dare to buy the pacifier of the general brand. After all, the baby's mouth is something that must be produced by safe materials. Therefore, I chose Pigeon's pacifier, and the big brand is trustworthy. The material used is food grade silicone, which is safe and reliable, and can be used for steam sterilization. It can be safely disinfected once a day.
Pigeon pacifiers are divided into three models: S, M, and L. S is suitable for newborns of 0-3 months. M is suitable for babies of 3-6 months. L is suitable for babies over 8 months. It is very intimate. It also comes with a lid that is covered when not in use and kept clean.
The only downside is that my daughter will rely heavily on the pacifier, always refusing to let go, and it seems that the teeth will not develop well in the long run.


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