Go Buy Some Steem

in buysomesteem •  20 days ago

Buy some Steem today, take a screen shot of the transaction (showing the date), post it in a comment here, get a vote.

(all other comments will be ignored)

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I will do it as soon as I get home Bernie

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Bernie Blocktrades is telling me bernie.jpg

Is there another way to get a deposit address for my kawaiicrush? This is the only way I know how.. :D

As soon as it allows me to get a deposit address I will buy Steem <3 Unless someone can tell me of another way.


No worries Bernie I just had to properly log in to blocktrades and voila! Problem solved! Buying now!

Transaction was stuck on Binance for the last 10 hours...just got it working now..

Wanted a reason to buy some more STEEM, thanks for supplying it! :)

Hi there!

Just got me almost a 100 Steems. ^_^

Thanks for rewarding Steem buyers. Have a nice day! ^_^


today I purchased 616 steem and powered up 492 of it . what luck to coincide with your post

I just did it for this and already down 4 satoshis, thanks steemit


Oh it pumped, nvm then, thanks bernie xD


Not enough

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04/02/2019 08:10 Buy STEEM/AUD 117.01380762 0.4273 AUD 0.4950495 AUD 50.00

It's not much but still, here's my transaction log with @blocktrades. 😄


Good afternoon @berniesanders Have a wonderful day!

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is my output hash a dangerous/hackable piece of info to post publicly?

Does this count?

Screenshot 2019-02-03 at 22.22.01.png

Thanks a lot for this initiative :-)

Screenshot 2019-02-05 07.33.26.png

I bought 9000 steem hope that counts for something


Congrats to dolphin status :)!

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Just bought $75 worth on Feb 1st. I’ll buy more soon!

I do not have any money to do this task @berniesanders. I am trying to pay my rent and wifi in Kuala Lumpur by Feb 15. My liquid steem and other money from steem is how I will do this if I can just keep working, eating, sleeping, and not fall apart or get sick.

I know you hate this guy for some reason, but out of the blue he started upvoting some of the 100's of comments I make each and every week. This has been a Godsend. I am here alone and have no resources or income except for steem.

I have been doing all this engagement for nothing but a chance at a few steem a week up until now because I believe in helping little people feel value on their posts. All comments being upvoted are of value and it is not because I asked or did anything I was not already doing.

I know you do not want to help me. But please do not make my situation worse right now.

I am a 59 year old woman alone in SE Asia. The only person I have is my son @bxlphabet in California who is very sick with ptsd. He cannot help me and needs help himself. All I do all day long is promote steem. What is a joke to you is huge money to me.

My entire life is paid for by 500 usd a month. When you take upvotes away for small amounts, it makes a huge difference to me. I am going to be lucky to make it again and this has been going on since August at least. Before that - the money I was lucky enough to make during early 2018 was what kept me going.

Please remember when you used to be the good guy and stop hurting me. There is not one reason for you to take such action that can make any sense at all.

The post you downvoted was me promoting 3 other steemers posts in a weekly contest that begs people to enter it. So I do enter it every week. How could that possibly deserve a downvote?

why the hell are you down voting my content?
Wow afraid I will make a dollar?
You like late term abortion?

I am buying a boat load of steem soon!

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Wow a great job for the steemit family.

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I would buy steem but I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go
A little high, little low
Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me,

cant buy but like the energy of boosting the currency by coming to the community. hope to be of help one day, even if im being ignored hehe

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nice idea I think I will buy some today as well

edit: busy.org lagged

Thank you. I've been meaning to do this for a little while. Thanks for the push (lower prices didn't hurt).

This will have me brushing dolphin status, but more importantly frees me up to do more voting/commenting without having to worry about dust and such.

I only have a small following but will resteem.

Maybe someone should do a similar campaign, but on the premise of "Stick it to Bernie". You know appealing to all those who seem to hate you. Buy some STEEM and cost @berniesanders some. Hahaha!!

Once again, thanks. I like your idea. Pushing people to get more skin in the game. Well played!

Bought some steem

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