How to Buy Cannabis Online in the UK with Medicine Man

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Do you want to lay your hands on some top shelf cannabis online with a huge choice of strains at reasonable prices?

It is several years now since Medicine Man began operating in the UK and that is precisely the delivery service that they offer.

As well as delivering within the UK they do offer deliveries to other EU countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Sweden etc.

Your search for excellent bud is over. Now you can buy weed online with confidence. Here’s the lowdown.

Buy High Quality Cannabis Online

Think of Medicine Man as your online cannabis dispensary, because that is fundamentally what they are. These guys even use the same storage and security for cannabis flowers as regulated marijuana dispensaries in the US. Batch dates are also provided.

You’ll find a constantly varying amount of high end cannabis strains, sometimes including concentrates, available to buy on an e-commerce type of website that is familiar and easy to use.

They sell cannabis only, and even managed to maintain a limited service during the recent Covid-19 lockdown.

When fully stocked these fellows regularly have more than 20 different strains available for purchase, often including several cannabis cup winners. Price start at around £160 per ounce depending on the variety.

If you have any doubts whatsoever just sign up to their website (see below) and go and have a look in the forum where you will find a happy band of very loyal customers. You are about to find out why.

They have several delivery cycles per week so you can expect rapid and expert service from these seasoned professionals.

As well as Bitcoin, Medicine Man can accept Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and XMR.

You will need to get hold of your crypto coins first (buy them from: Coinbase, Paxful, Localbitcoins, Bitpanda) then you can have your weed dropping through the letterbox in a few days by simply following these 10 straightforward steps.

A lot of people find Paxful easiest:

Let’s get started.

1. Send your Bitcoin to your own personal wallet

Download and install your personal Bitcoin wallet of your choice.

If you have Android this can be done on your phone using Electrum. If you have an iPhone BlueWallet works well though the whole procedure is much less hassle to perform on a desktop.

Send the Bitcoins you just bought to your personal wallet, so they are ready to go. You must do this first in order to be able to follow this guide.

2. Download and install the Tor Browser


Just go to Tor and download the Tor browser that is suitable for your operating system, This will allow you to view encrypted websites without leaving traces of your visit.

Tor can be installed on Android and well as desktop systems. For iPhone you can check out the Onion Browser.

Change the security settings on Tor to maximum. You can find this in the preferences. See image below. You don’t need to have javascript enabled to use Medicine Man.


3. Sign up for Medicine Man with this link


You must use Tor to do this.

Create your account on Medicine Man by signing up using this link:


This is a very quick 2 minute process, just choose a user name and password and complete the simple arithmetic captchas. Do not use your email.

4. Log in to the Medicine Man website


Log in and navigate to the ’shop’ link in the main menu and then enjoy browsing a huge variety of the highest quality cannabis strains. Find something that you would like.

If you are unsure about strains, check out the forum for more help.

The 'products' link shows strains that have been in stock previously. Only the items in the 'shop' section are for sale.

5. Click ‘add to basket’ as shown in the image below


Just like in a normal shop click on the ‘add to basket’ link as shown by the red arrow.

6. Go to ‘view basket’


Clicking on ‘view basket’ as shown below takes you to the next part of the checkout process. Make sure this information is all correct.

7. Press the ‘proceed to checkout’ button as shown


This will move you onto the delivery information stage.

8. Enter your shipping info


Put your name and address in here. Double check the information and do not use any kind of false details. It will automatically be encrypted if you don't encrypt it.

9. Select your preferred crypto currency and click ‘place order’


Choose which type of crypto currency you want to use for your order and finally (almost) you can press the ‘place order’ button.

10. Send your Bitcoin to the address shown


Once you confirm your order you will be given a Bitcoin address to send your funds to to complete your purchase, as shown. Copy that address and paste it into the ‘send’ section of your wallet and send the Bitcoin as soon as possible.

When you have sent it you should click the button at the bottom of the screen to confirm that you have done this, as shown.

It’s that easy. Enjoy.


Great price of info for our UK members! I would love for you to join our Discord We are bridging all cannabis lovers from all social media platforms!

Thanks, will check it out. Medicine Man are highly reliable, normally with huge choices of bud.

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