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On my beach walk I came across this beautiful butterfly... A Common Buckeye I believe. It was fluttering and landing on the slightly moist beach sand at the waters edge.





It looked perfect with no imperfections.

DSC_0408 (2).JPG


Just me the butterfly and the beach :-)

I left the little fella and continued my walk to eastern end of Indian Island.

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What a nice surprise to find this beauty on your walk. It knew you needed the photos and great ones they are. LOL! Thanks for using #butterflyday and #insectpub tags. : )

Yep butterfly stopped me in my tracks begging to be photographed .... :-)

👍 beauty, beautiful butterfly

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Sure was...:-)

Wow no imperfections indeed what a capturing butterfly.

Must have been just born...

nice spot man. I had a friend who was terrified of butterflies and i mean, really scared of them. It never made sense to me because they are very different than other bugs... but there are people that have a phobia about everything somewhere.

I can understand being scared of harmless critters.. I was afraid of girls when I was seven years old especially the blonde ones... Thanks for the comment... :-)

I think i still am scared of the blonde ones :P