Thursday is Butterfly Day and it's hosted by @whatisnew !!

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I was walking home from work the other day coming down the side alley towards my apartment when i noticed this huge moth walking up this brick wall fence and just before it was over the other side of this brick wall fence i managed to capture one shot before she disappeared out of sight over the wall , i absolutely love moths they are in a class of their own beautiful , huge and colorful just like butterflies , well they are related to each other did you know there are approximately 160,000 species of moths many of which have yet to be described just extraordinary mother nature.



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What a gorgeous one! <3

Thank you @zirochka was a lucky catch 😀

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Thank you @pixresteemer :)

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Thank you @esteem :)

That is a beautiful moth, @hangin.

Fancy paint job .... :-)

Haha...yep pretty good art work 😀

Beautiful patterns and colours! Nice work!

  ·  9 days ago (edited)

Yeah i thought so to some moths are just as beautiful as butterflies 😀

They are butterflies for night time!

This is true but in Thailand day and night is now difference to them they are out flirting around all the time...hehe 🤣

Pity! We used to see so many giant moths when we were kids! Now hardly any!

  ·  5 days ago (edited)

This is true and they say moths out number butterflies by 9 to 1 so where are they all hiding them aliens again 😎

This pattern is really amazing ! .. it looks kind of retro or old fashioned for me .. I know it does not fit as a description on a moth, but I do not know how to describe it in other words ^^ .. thank you for that nice entry to #amazingnature !

Thank you @adalger reto and old fashion is a good description moths do have there beauty also 😀

Butterflies often get all the glory but some moths can be just as beautiful and this is a good example

You are right about that i have seen some very unusual moths with amaze coloring 😀

I have as well

That's a nice one! I love moths too :)

Thank you my friend was a lucky find 👀

You were there at the right place, at the right time, just in the nick of time. What a beautiful moth and a great photo @hangin! Thanks for using #butterflyday tag! And if you want to be entered for the giveaway, please put the link to this post here.

Yep certainly was good timing thank you @whatisnew i have now placed my link to you post 👍

I got the link and you are now entered. Good luck @hangin. The link also helps me so I won't miss your post. : )