Back At My Favorite Butterfly Park !!

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Last weekend i visited my favorite butterfly park were i know there are always butterflies landing and feeding at this park even more so now because everything is blooming in Bangkok right now this park is call Chatuchak Park in Bangkok.




I decided to test out my new micro zoom lens that attaches to my Samsung mobile phone so some photos are a bit blurry but that gave me the opportunity to play around with a bit of extravagant editing so i hope you like them.




I did certainly notice there were more butterflies around on this visit to the park i would say due to blooming time and warmer weather at this time of the year i found this particular butterfly very striking i haven't seen one of these ones before it's call the Marbled white i would personally like to call it the White Lady.


This is another i haven't seen before according to Google it's call the Speckled Wood Butterfly.



Not sure what family this one belongs to but i certainly love the black shade on this butterfly.


These next butterflies are called Brush-footed butterflies they belong to the Nymphalidae family which is the largest family of butterflies with about 6,000 species distributed throughout most of the world in this family they have the most extraordinary colors like the painted ladies.




These are also Brush-footed butterflies just so beautiful in color how mother nature can be so beautiful when we see butterflies with such beautiful colors like this.




As always butterflies are always a real task to photograph you have all the right camera equipment and even then you need too know how to use it all , but i had fun playing with my new mobile micro lens as a experiment , well i did get a bonus photo at the end of the day two Monarch Butterflies on the same flower how nice and adorable.



Thank you @whatisnew for sending us out Butterfly and Insect hunting it would not be the same with out #butterflyday or #insectpub




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The variety of butterflies in that park is astonishing Angelo. I only wish I could beam myself there, lol. Your photos are fantastic as well, especially the marble white and the two monarchs at the end. That is the quality I would suggest you to aim for. It take some practice with the new macro lens and it would be a good idea to practice with flowers, because they don't move, lol. Keep up the good work 🦋🌸🦋

Thank you Lena there are so many more there but they just don't sit still long enough but i will keep going back to i capture them all and thanks for your advise i will try that with flowers...have a lovely week my friend 😊

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Thank you @dswigle much appreciated 😊

It is so nice to see the vast variety of butterflies.

Thank you my friend next time i will take my better camera out their , so many beautiful butterflies to photography 🦋 🦋

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Thank you @steemitboard for your updates 👍

Wow lots of nice species there. That new lens does a good job on them.

Thank you my friend and there are still more species to capture i will be going back again for sure 👍

Beautiful photos of the butterflies!

Great shots. Awesome photo’s, you did an amazing job with these pictures. Iv been thinking about getting a micro lens for my iphone Xs max, and i think im gonna get one now :) im new to steem and i follow you more than anyone else atm, keep up the great work 🦋

Thank you @ntboy47 you do that they are great once you get the hang of these lens and i wish you all the luck on Steemit

Thanks mate, learning the ropes lol

Good man 👍

This is actually quite an amazing post and I am disappointed that more people haven't jumped on this!

Your lens is working wonderfully, or actually, I should say that you are working it nicely. I like the focus and the way in which you are taking the shots. The colors!


But you already know that! I cannot believe how intricate and artistically perfect the patterns are. Nature rocks! Another wonderful post and of course, you hit this one out of the park!

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Yeah i can't work it out maybe if i write it in pidgin English and put shittier photos up i might get a better's the way it is 🤣

Nice of you to drop by always a pleasure seeing you here 😊

Completly agree. Amazing shots 🦋

Your favorite butterfly park is my favorite also. Isn't it exciting to see something you have never seen before? I am happy for you and happy that you shared the new ones with us. The colors and patterns on butterflies is why I call them "flying works of art." Have fun with your macro lens. I am jealous that you have one. : )

Thank you so much @whatisnew and i will be bring you more of these "flying works of art" from this beautiful park 😊

Sounds wonderful! Thanks @hangin. : )

My pleasure 😊

You have a favorite butterfly park? Lord have mercy. lol.

I certainly do sir janton next time i am going to take my picnic basket out there filled with plonk and snacks and annoy these butterflies all day 🦋 🦋

Haha! I dare you to do that and make a post about it sir hangin, especially let us see all the plonk! You'll probably have drunk butterflies flopping all over the place!

You know i wouldn't do that sir janton i behave myself in public some times 🤣

Right. Well I'm sure you at least TRY to sir hangin. lol.

Haha...i was back there today but i just couldn't do it sorry sir janton it would not have look descend got to keep the Vin form 😊

I understand sir hangin, you gotta keep the Vin facade up. lol.

True right sir janton 👍

What a great place to test a new macro lens! I like them all but the orange one with the whit zig zags at the end is a beauty. The black one is really nice too, we have one like that at the facility, they are really nice but hard to photograph. Thanks for sharing this great experience :)

Thanks for dropping in @ladybug146 this place is a paradise for butterflies so many here i can't wait to go back again and practice a bit more with my macro lens 😊