Butterfly and Insect Thursday Giveaway Week #32 - A Little Hankey Pankey

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Welcome to Week 32 of Butterfly and Insect Thursday, Week #32

Butterfly and Insect Thursday Hosted by @whatisnew. You can check out Week #32 here O.o

IMG_0074 (2).jpg

Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by.
I thought the flower garden was mostly done for the year but the last few days have been warm and sunny.
Today I found a pair of Skippers working the last of the blooms and chasing off everything else.

I noticed a single pair on the flowers today. They were the only two skippers out today and they appeared to be... very friendly...... I'm wondering if I just made some butterfly porn O.o
IMG_0043 (2).JPG

Doing the booty shake.
IMG_0046 (2).JPG

IMG_0047 (2).JPG

These two went at this for a wile, the lead one is ...vibrating it's wings in this configuration and the following one is very interested in what's going on back there.

IMG_0048 (2).JPG

The lead one is behind the blooms quivering away.
IMG_0050 (2).JPG

In this last one taken just as they "skipped" over to a nearby bloom. The blurry one in vibrating like a humming bird.
They went back to gathering nectar after this and possibly a quick smoke.

The butterflies were worry free today because all the spiders are being hunted by a half dozen of these guys.
IMG_0081 (2).jpg

Also the sparrows are going after the spiders with a vengeance as well.
Looks like we are in for a bit of warm weather before it turns to crap this year and the first frosts have not happened so the flower garden may just produce a few more images this year.

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All images original, by me. In this case with my Cannon EOS Rebel T6.
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HaHa! What a fun read and great captures. Yay! You got the face of the yellow jacket. Awesome! I have never seen anything eating spiders before. Thanks for using #butterflyday and insectbub tags. : )

Wasn't sure if that was a yellow jacket or a mud wasp, both will go after spiders. The wasp will paralyze the spider and seal it in a mud tube with it's egg to be eaten alive by the larva.
The one imaged was up in that crack, It had just crawled out when I took the photo.
Thanks for stopping in and commenting @whatisnew .

What a cool selection of shots ;) have a good weekend

Thanks @tatoodjay I was hard to keep these shots in focus due to they are moving around, the wind is puffing through, and the one is on heavy vibrate mode.
Was thinking about using the nsfw tag for this post as well lol

Yeah macros can be a real challenge especially if there is even just a little wind but you did great and LOl at the NSFW tag

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Thanks ! much appreciated.