Document Storage Tube from Japan

in busy •  last month

I did some strolling in the area of Alabang, Muntinlupa city, Philippines earlier. Whenever I visit the area and have the opportunity, I visit a Japan surplus store in there.

Most of the items there are secondhand or used. Some new items are said to be pulled out from the stores in Japan or those old stocks that are not sold or maybe have some slight issues on it.

I found something interesting today in that store and bought it. It is a document storage tube such as shown below.


It is a 14 inches used document tube which is made of hard carton and laminated on its outer part. I like its color, design and quality. Although it is used already, it is still a good item.

It has a label outside in its cover which is written in Japanese. I got curious on what it means and hoping that through this post, someone could tell me what it means.


Also a document inside of the tube was included. Definitely got curious too what it means and hope someone could translate it here or at least has the idea what is the document about.


Photos were taken using my mobile phone.

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