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My mind was just wondering today and I was asking myself that why men die quicker than women because I noticed that men die quicker than women. So I did a rough research from my thinking and I came up with this finding.

  • Men are Daredevils.

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Men are daredevils, they like to involve themselves in dangerous adventures more than to women. Dangerous adventure like extreme sports are what men like to involve themselves with and these has a high risk of leading to deadly accident and men loose their lives from it.

  • Involvement with Criminal Gangs.

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Gangs are dangerous group that more men have been known to be involved in than women and these gang group can be very deadly. They always like to be involved in fights with rival gang group and anytime there is a fight, it most of the time ends up deadly. You tend to see women part of gang groups sometimes but not as much as men, So you tend to see men loosing their lives here, more than women when there is a fight between rival gang groups.

  • Using Hard drugs.

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Men are known to be more involved in the use of hard drugs than women. These hard drugs are known to be used by some men to cure them of depression. I don't know how far it is true, but I heard that men tend to get more easily depressed than women and some men use it to keep calm from depression.

These hard drugs have deadly substances in them and so since it is men who use them more than women, they are more at risk of dying than women.

There are many more reasons why men die quicker than women, which are not mentioned. No one can tell a man what to do in life, so a man has to decide for himself if he wants to risk his life with this dangerous activity mentioned.

Stay informed.


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no further comment ...


Hahahahahaha!!! Men, we are really character.

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There are many more reasons why men die quicker than women

I think, other than being reckless and a criminal (the extreme cases) there are a few quite normal reasons for men to have lower life expectancy than women. Many jobs that men traditionally partake in can have a life hazard, like construction work, working in mines, firefighting, and law enforcement to mention a few.

Stress can also be a factor. Even if you are not working in a dangerous field of work, you might still suffer from the stress caused by responsibility (to family or to others, or generally about money and success).

I'm not sure, but biology itself may be a factor. Maybe we are just built differently to women. Who knows...


You are very correct @gamer00. I knew this but I just wanted others to mention them.