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At this moment, was just thinking of what to post about today, but nothing was coming to my mind and so I decided to search around for something to post about.

So I went to my pictures collections in my phone and I found this image above in my picture archives and I decided to post about it.

From the image above, the question is directed to men, but a woman can also make her contribution, if she has something to contribute.

I will not give my opinion on where I stand on this issue, because I do not want to sway any commenters opinion.

This is meant to be a funny post, but also a serious one to an extent, because am interested in knowing people's opinion about this topic.........

So in your opinion, which one kills a man faster? "Poverty or a bad wife"?😎 you can give reasons to back up your answer.


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Poverty = No Wife => Poverty = No Bad Wife :D

The "or" really is an exclusive or.


Hahh!!! So true. Mostly no woman will marry a man who is poor, so essentially if a man is poor, he can't have a wife let alone a bad wife.

Though in Africa that we have a high rate of poverty, a poor man can get a woman to marry.

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OK. Thank you.

Coming from Nigeria perspective ,you can be poor and you marry a good wife ,you will not feel the impact much.

But if you are even rich and marry a bad wife ,even with your money you won't live a happy life.

Am not saying that being poor is good but good wife can cover you to some extent to compare a bad wife that will even want to kill you to carry your property if you are rich or if you are poor she will even kill you so that people will come to her aid when you are no more .you know to be a widow the Society sometime give you help because your husband is no more .


I agree with you my friend.