How is the book reading culture like in your country?

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Do people read books a lot in your country or not? I my country Nigeria, the book reading culture is close to dead. People don't read books a lot in my country.

Even before social media became popular in my country, people hardly read books. Now that social media is allover the place, you can imagine how worst the book reading culture will be.
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I just finished writing two books and they will soon be in the markets for sale and I am wondering how the books will sell since people don't read. But I just believe that my books will sell. I feel like my books will generate a life of their own and revive the book reading culture in Nigeria.

So what about your country, how is the book reading culture in it doing?



True, social media has taken a lot of space in our value system or life.

Yah, but am sure that we would get our value system back in terms of book reading.

It sucks. No be dis Naija we dey? 😑😑😑 Almost everybody na Yahoo

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