A mother gave birth to quadruplets on National Day. The name has more meaning.

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On 1 October,
A mother in Jiangsu, China, ushered in her "National Day baby", or a rare quadruplet!

Pregnancy is hard, but Li Xiaowan, the mother of the quadruplets, is also full of expectations. She often shares videos on short video platforms to record her pregnancy time. Now she has harvested more than one million fans, more than eight million points of praise, and the wishes of netizens have become her strength.

The youngest quadruplets are daughters and the other three are brothers. All the four children were premature and underweight. The oldest son had two catties and seven catties. The youngest daughter had only two catties and two catties. Now all the four children live in the incubator to observe. Li Xiaowan hasn't seen the children yet, but she can't wait to plan their future. She believed that children were born on the 70th birthday of the motherland, which was related to National Day, and then let them serve the country as soldiers. How to name it?

Enthusiastic netizens have helped "Four National Treasures" to name Qiqi (7), Poetry (10), Zhou (week), and Year (year).

Some people say it is called "Yuyu, Guoguo, Tongtong, Qinqin". Together, the homonym "celebrates with the nation"

On the 7th, Bao Dad revealed the mystery. The babies were named Yu Guo, Tong Qing, Xu Ling and Nian An respectively. The aunt of the quadruplets said that her name refers to the opinions of netizens.